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·         As a new hire, every department has a Union Steward and Health & Safety representative in the workplace.


·         There is training available for employees wishing to become active in the union.


·         You must report all injuries to your supervisor no matter how small.


·         All employees should keep a written record of all hours/shifts you work. i.e. on a wall calendar, pocket calendar or personal time book.


·         You must report every instance when you are exposed to a chemical or hazardous environment to your foreman.


·         Children or grandchildren of steelworkers can apply to a number of scholarships.


·         The scholarships become available starting the middle of March each year and the forms may be picked up at the Union Hall Front Office.


·         On Essar Steel Algoma’s intranet, under Public Folders, inside downday support there are many plant wide canvasses of overtime beyond just trades work.


·         If you are not established you are still entitled to statutory holiday pay.


·         You must fill out an ER224 Form to indicate your preference of shift and schedule and the form is available through your supervisor.


·        You must speak to your supervisor prior to an overtime shift being worked in order to be paid on a grievance.

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