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General Disclaimer

Article 1.0: Availability

Technology sometimes fails or requires routine maintenance, which may cause this web site to become unavailable for a period of time.  The web site may also rarely experience a loss of data should the computer server experience a hardware or software failure.  The United Steelworkers of America shall not be held responsible for any losses caused by the unavailability of this web site or any technology failure which results in the loss of data.

Article 1.1: Accuracy

While we strive for accuracy, there are no guarantees of any kind that the information on this site is entirely accurate.  If you should find an error somewhere in the contents of this web site, please contact jakecormier@steelworkersofthesault.com so the error can be corrected.

Article 1.2: Forums

The United Steelworkers of America shall be not be held responsible for any comments or expressions made in any public discussion forums made available through this web site.  Opinions, comments and expressions made in the privately moderated news forums are only those of their author, and not necessarily those of the United Steelworkers of America.

Article 1.3: Privacy

Personal or contact information collected through the forum member registration is used only to maintain a record of the members of the forum.  Personal or contact information collected through the Fun Carnival application form is used within the USWA to maintain a schedule for the Fun Carnival through the year, and for other Fun Carnival related purposes.  In both cases, your e-mail address will NOT receive unsolicited commercial e-mail ("spam") from the USWA, and it will not be provided to any third parties.

Article 1.3a: Privacy - Forum Specific

Please note that when registering a member account with the forum system, you are given options to protect your privacy, including hiding your e-mail address, etc.  It is your responsibility, and not that of the USWA, to ensure that your account is configured such that it exhibits your desired level of privacy.  While the USWA recommends against giving out any personal information on publicly accessible forums, any forum member who divulges personal information over the forum does so by one's own will.  The USWA has no control over this, and shall not be responsible for any losses, damages or any other effects caused by such lapses of privacy.

Article 1.3b: Privacy - Fun Carnival Application Specific

Approved Fun Carnival hosts agree to have the venue name, venue location and date published on this web site.  Please note that submitting a Fun Carnival Application to the Steelworkers using the online application form provided on this web site DOES NOT immediately mean that the Fun Carnival is booked for your venue for that day, nor that your application has been approved by the USWA.  When the person listed as "contact person" on a submitted application is contacted by the USWA and is explicitly told that the said application has been approved, and both parties agree, then and only then will the Fun Carnival participate at said venue on the agreed upon date. 

At this time, this venue will be listed on the online Fun Carnival schedule.  While we strive for accuracy in the Fun Carnival schedule, the USWA will not responsible for any losses or damages caused by any inaccuracies in the information contained within the schedule.  Therefore, if you wish, please contact the USWA's Fun Carnival coordinator at funcarnival@steelworkersofthesault.com to confirm dates and locations of these venues. 

Please note that the USWA reserves the right to withdraw from said agreement and cancel the booking at said venue at any time, after the contact person and/or organization have been contacted.  There are other important regulations to read about on the Fun Carnival Rules & Regulations page.

Article 1.4: Collective Agreements

The United Steelworkers of America makes no guarantees on the accuracy or completeness of the online collective agreements.  They are provided for informational purposes only.  Please contact the local USWA office to confirm the contents of said agreements should you have any concerns.

Article 1.5: External Links

The United Steelworkers of America shall not be held responsible for any material contained within any external web sites that may be hyperlinked to this web site.

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