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Monday July 10, 2017 10:45 AM
Local 2251 Message to the Members

Local 2251 Message to the Members

July 10, 2017

Cold Mill Meeting

Please be advised that two Special General Membership Meetings have been scheduled to discuss the possibility of the Cold Mill Temper Mill going to 12 hour shifts.  Because of the complexity of the job structures in the Cold Mill, we are urging that all Cold Mill Technicians attend one of these meetings.  Due to the fact that they are Special General Membership Meetings, all members are entitled to attend.

The meetings are Wednesday July 12, 2017 at 9:30 am and 7:30 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion – 96 Great Northern Rd.


We have been advised that some of our members who require X-Rays as part of a surveillance program for designated substances are being provided 30 minutes paid time to have their X-Rays taken at the Sault Area Hospital.  That is totally unacceptable and a letter has been sent to the VP of HR. 

We are requesting that our members attend Sault Area Hospital to obtain their X-Rays and that they record their time to do so, and to come to the Union Hall to file a grievance to receive recompense for the actual time spent.

General Membership Meeting

Please be advised that all our Board of Steward Meetings and our General Membership Meetings have been scheduled at the Royal Canadian Legion – 96 Great Northern Rd.  The Meetings occur every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  The next General Membership Meeting is July 19, 2017.

The reason for the new location is the fact that the Marconi Hall notified us that they were repurposing Ballroom “C” (which was our meeting location) and that they would no longer be able to accommodate us.


CCAA Update

Today’s has an article titled “Proposed deal would install new owners at Essar Steel Algoma”.  This article purports to quote comments in an affidavit filed with the court. If in fact the purported quotes are accurately quoted, then the statements contained in the affidavit are misleading and inaccurate.

The comments regarding the behaviour of the Union are uncalled for and are biased statements made by the financial advisor to the Applicant.  In point of fact, it is my belief that the purpose is to attempt to persuade the Court that the Union is being unreasonable.  Quite frankly, that position is completely inaccurate.  At all times this Negotiating Committee has attempted to negotiate with various parties who maintained unreasonable positions.  To suggest that the lack of a deal is due to the actions of our Local is ludicrous.


An overview of our history regarding negotiations during the CCAA process shows:

-              2251 gave notice to the Employer to negotiate in the normal course.

-              Response by the Employer was, we are in CCAA.

-              As a result, the Union started negotiating with the Term Lenders.

-              Subsequently, the Term Lenders suspended negotiations.

-              The Employer put the Union on notice it wished to negotiate and that a ‘no-board’ report would be requested.

-              The Local Union polled the members and took a strike vote.

-              The Court ruled that no ‘no-board’ reports would be obtained and no strikes could take place.

-              The Court further ruled mandatory mediation before Justice Winkler.

-              The Union commenced negotiations under the mediation.

-              The Term Lenders maintained their unreasonable position.

-              The mediation was subsequently adjourned by Justice Winkler and is still adjourned.

As things stand today, it is the Union’s position that negotiations with the Term Lenders are still adjourned. 


** Please advise your co-workers that it is becoming increasingly important to have their personal email addresses on file with the Union in order that we can provide timely updates to our members. **







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Special General Membership Meeting

Special General Membership Meeting - Ratification of Proposals